Welcome to the OOS vs. Tham blog

Welcome to the official website and blog for OOS vs. Tham, a PC and mobile strategy game that began life as a student project in Atlanta, GA. We spent nine months creating a game from scratch – game design, art style, programming, prototyping, the whole works.

It all started with an extensive pre-production process which consisted of physical prototypes, digital prototypes, countless pieces of concept art, and numerous design, narrative, art, and marketing pitches. All we knew for sure was that the game was going to be some type of lane-based strategy game featuring customizable units, since that was the original pitch voted for by the team members. After several months of pre-production, we moved on to full production using the Unity game engine and created an alpha version with 20 playable levels. We are now developing OOS vs. Tham to completion – check back later for the full story behind the game as well as what’s coming next.



Local Atlantans play an alpha version and answer survey questions during one of our many public playtesting sessions.

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