Customize Your Very Own Robots


The head affects a robot’s behavior. Some may provide improved targeting capabilities while others might increase a weapon’s range.


The chassis provides structural support for the robot – some may be heavier and well-armored while others may be lighter and won’t slow down the robot.


The legs (or wheels) allow the robot to move. Depending on the part, a robot’s abilities may be radically altered. Choose wisely, as faster may not always be better!


The weapon is a robot’s best chance at defeating an alien in battle. There are many types to choose from, with each fulfilling a unique role.

A Robot For Every Situation

Mix and match your available parts to create over 150 unique robots just like these!

The Pipe Slinger

This simple gun-slinging robot packs a pair of pipe pistols on a basic pipe frame body. It won’t last long in combat, but it’s reliable and builds quickly.

The Drum Slasher

This decked-out robot will take a little extra time to build, but packs strong defenses thanks to its oil drum chassis and maintains a fast movement speed thanks to its wheels, which help it get close enough to slash away with its scrap blades.

The Bouncy Launcher

This tricky robot bounces in and out of action with its spring, while its junk launcher lets it lob explosive projectiles at far-away enemies. It even comes equipped with a periscope head to increase its range even further!