Tham – What Are They?


The Shooter is a constant danger – it uses its tentacle-like arms to blast your robots from a distance.


A mainstay of the Tham army, the Pest is fast, weak, and likes to attack in groups. Most robots can dispatch them easily, but don’t underestimate them!


The Smasher is all about offense – it uses its massive head to break through even the toughest robots.


The Slug is slow and doesn’t hit quite as hard as the Smasher, but it can soak up a lot of damage. Take them out before it’s too late!


They may be slow, but that only makes them even more dangerous! Lobbers launch powerful explosive projectiles from far away – get to them with a strong melee robot as fast as possible!


The crafty Kamikaze only has one goal – to blow itself up! Get your ranged robots ready as soon as you see on approaching, or it may already be too late!